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June 02, 2009



I missed you. Glad you're back, strawberries and all.


Glad to see ya -- and glad to see someone else is on MY blog-posting schedule! Ain't it great?

(Oh, by the way? I noticed the Diana Gabaldon book in your list -- reading it right now!)


OMG!!! WTF??? LMAO!!!(like all the texting acronyms sis?? hehehehehe!!!) Where you been woman??? Cyber-world has missed you dammit-all!!! But I must admit that I have been checking your blog at least once a week for about the past month and a half to see your kick-ass posts, but nada!! Plus, if you were prego you probably would have filled in the whole familia already, but how do you know for sure?? did you take a home-prenancy test?


Well. My mind is officially blown, because in less than 24 hours, exactly .6 more people than I expected have commented on this post.

Who knew?


because everyone (myself included) thought you had fallen off of the face of the planet, just kidding ;-P but it's good to see you getting back into blogging, you're good at it! at least your life is interesting to read about, mine is a snooze-fest.


You always manage to make me laugh. I'm glad to see you back on the blog - but also glad to see you have all those things that keep you from having time to be on it every day. I am so proud of all the things you accomplish (work, kids, Marc, the house, have fun.......). Believe it or not, it will actually get a liitle easier as the kids grow and get more self-sufficient.


You're holding out. Where's the cake recipe?


You're right, Marci. My apologies. It's a busy day, but I'll post it sometime this weekend - promise!


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