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March 10, 2009



Believe me, you much more resemble someone who'd drive around in bald feet (Mrs. Flinstone) than someone who'd bring Alice the meat. Is it really a surprise to you that you're toting around double-wides? Some feet are just built that way...you can borrow some of Joshua's shoes when he outgrows them...he too has extra wides.

No cheer up and "Shake Your Rump" :o)


SyberJedi said:

"Is it really a surprise to you that you're toting around double-wides?"

... and I have nothing to say to that except, um, YEAH, because it's a lot like walking into a party thinking you look fantastic and everyone is looking at you and talking to you and everything is fantastic until you go into the restroom, take a peek in the mirror and see that your mascara is running down your face and you have a big piece of spinach in your front teeth. My feet used to be one of the body parts I minded the least, and now I have to rethink my rankings. (Oh, look. I had something to say after all.)

Nice work on unearthing my reference (not that it was particularly obscure - I just like to see who's paying attention.) Congrats! Whatchu want?


Dammit Robyn!!! I actually knew the answer!!! Sam the butcher was on "The Brady Bunch" and Alice always flirted with him. Wait, I think I maybe able to one-up mr. syberjedi over there....Does he know his real name????!!! I DOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! His name was Alan Melvin and he died no to long ago, I remember seeing an article about it on my comcast homepage!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! (hope you enjoy all of my exclamation marks sis!)


BTW, it should be "So What'cha What'cha What'cha Want" not "Whatchu want?"

And I don't think it is fair to be excluded from the contest just because I am omniscient.



Not bad, Jill - no, I didn't know his real name - but you needed to go one step further and tell me what he had to do with the rest of my post. SJ got it with the Beastie Boys song, "Shake Your Rump".

Marc - Yes, it should have been that. Do you have a doppelganger that goes around and does stuff while you're sleeping? Because I need one of those.


Woo hoo! I've unearthed a One Wish Genie! Do I want peace on Earth?...$1 Million?...the ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound?

Let me consult my Big Bad List of Evil & Twisted Wishes and get back to you on that. }:^]



Hey - stop comoplaining - you are beautiful and you got your wide feet from me. In the realm of all my faults - it ranks real low (get the pumn -ha ha). I knew the Sam the Butcher answer, too,(and his real name, Jill - not that he died, though), but I can't keep up with you guys - I don't remember to check pocketaces enough to keep up with the banter. I love the picture of your pretty feet!!!


Besides having wide feet, I obviously can't spell............


Is your name Michael Diamond? No, mine's Clarence...

This may do little to assuage your foot-width anxiety, but on my last trip to buy dress shoes, I tried on 7 or 8 pairs which all seemed to look and feel wrong, when finally the crack shoe staff at Macy's suggested I try on a "wide" variety... BINGO.

I have a fat foot - but my shoes fit like a glove... Besides, you know what they say about the width of a man's foot? Me neither...

That right up there when the girl at Express Men's told me I had a "ghetto booty"... wow, not a compliment. I didn't buy pants from her.

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