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February 02, 2009



hit me, lesbian.

Willy Sue

Red Twizzlers is not licorice. And I think, deep down, you know that's true.


You got it, Heidi - 'H'.

Willy - Consider me busted. Nice to see you!


willy sue: AGREED.

twizzlers = good
licorice = nasty


robyn were u talking about me in the louisville/lafayette comment? OK, go ahead, dish me my letter, nerdo, I'm ready for you! (there u go, only one exclamation point used, not a bunch - happy now?)


Oh no, Jill, wasn't talking about you a bit. (Ok, yes I was. But I tease with love.) I applaud your punctuation restraint.

For you, an easy one - 'A'.


Way late in reading this, been kinda busy lately. But, I'm game if the game is still on. Letter, please.


Not too late, Bets. For you, 'F'.


I'm not sure exactly where I should post this so I guess I'll just do it here. Letter 'A', huh? Ok, here goes nothing.(And Robyn, sorry ahead of time if any of my answers may be a bit "zzzz" as you said in you post, but I'll do my best not to bore your socks off).

1. APPLES. Golden delicious are my favorite. I could eat apple pie, apple cobbler, or just plain apples til I OD'd on them.

2. AIR CONDITIONING. Gotta love it on a really hot summer day. You're outside sweating like a pig and then the first step back into the house is like heaven on earth because you instantly feel your body temp dropping to a more tolerable level, Ahhhhh...that's much better!

3. AIRPORTS. Usually going to the airport means going somewhere away from reality for at least a few days. Totally excited, yes I am, because my next trip to the airport means I get to go to DISNEYWORLD with mi familia!

4. ALCOHOL. I know I am definitely a lightweight and I really don't prefer hard liquor, but trust me I still love it. Give me wine, beer, strawberry daquiris, pina coladas, champangne, or a bloody mary any day. Screw the hard shit, give me the fucking "foo foo drinks", I will proudly admit it!!!! (Sorry for all of the exclamation marks Robyn, but I mean what I say).

5. APHRODISIAC. I just love the word. It just sounds awesome. Not meaning it necessarliy in a kinky, sensual way, but the way it sounds when it rolls off of the tongue. Kick-ass!

6. ABBEY ROAD. My favorite album by my all-time favorite band, The Beatles. Need I say more. My sister raised me well.

7. ANTHROPOLOGIE. I have my sister to thank for this one too. This is now one of my all-time favorite stores on the face of the planet. Definitely expensive, but still fucking awesome!

8. ABSTINENCE. Now, I know what your gonna think (or maybe even say), but trust me I don't mean waiting til marriage, I just mean that sex is something, in my opinion, that so maybe people confuse with love. I honestly think that getting to this stage should be at a point with someone when you know them as a person. Trust me, I have many friends who've done it. I have even been an idiot in this area once myself (I know, I know what your thinking again, "ONCE" ooooohhhh...really experienced, a major aficionado, a connoisseur of relationships, but that's not what I I'm saying at all). I'm just saying that until you know someone well, sex should almost be a moot point.

OK, almost there two more to go...whew this is harder than I thought Robyn, and you said 'A' would be easy!

9. ACADEMY AWARDS. I watch them EVERY YEAR!!! LOVE THEM!!! This year's was awesome, Hugh Jackman kicked some serious ass as host, and may I just say, that man CAN DANCE!!!

10. (last one, thank you GOD!)ACCIDENT-PRONE. I think if you looked this one up in the dictionary, my picture would be right next to it! Anyone who knows me at all, knows what a fucking clutz I am.

And there you have it, my list of things that start with the letter 'A', didn't think I was gonna make it! Now I think I need an APPLE and a "foo foo drink" to help my brain recover from thinking so much about things that start with this particular letter.

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