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February 24, 2009



Oooh, so jealous. I've always wanted to go to N.O. So you've been since Katrina? Got any good recommendations on cool lodging? I love your photos.


I've never been there... but I'm ALL about Bananas Foster for breakfast. :)


what up sister?! sorry i haven't been on the page in a while, life got kinda crappy for a few days. Just wanted to ask, what did that french sentence at the end of the post mean? And by the way, your letter to mason was absolutley darling!


p.s. I finally did my list of things that start with the letter 'A', it's under the comments page from your list.


New Orleans rocks. I think I was born and lived there in some prior life.

Robyn forgot to mention the outrageous food in the city. You can eat phenomenal food every night you're there. Try Dante's Kitchen, Upperline, Jacques-Imo's, Dick & Jenny's, Dookie Chase, or grab lunch at Johnny's Po Boys.


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