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January 27, 2009



oh how cute are my little monkeys in their full on snow gear????!!! but i must disagree robyn, snow sucks!!!! try driving from superior-louisville to aurora every morning at 5:45am in rush hour traffic and the visibility royally sucks ass!!!! that's something you should never ever miss, but like you, i would be able to out-drive marc in the stuff. don't get me wrong, it's pretty at thanksgiving and x-mas, but i'm ready for flip flops and swim suits already.


Of course you disagree. You still live there. That was my point.

But yes, now that I've had my meager little snow/ice storm, we can bring on the sunshine and flip flops.


your kids have such great snow-gear for such a non-snowy location! (i guess they visit the snow?)

yay for your one snowstorm! glad you enjoyed it.


It was wishful thinking on my part, Heidi.

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