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November 29, 2008



Ah. Would that we could all flee to "The Bould" when things were rough.

And that short bowler has awful delivery posture. tsk tsk.


Imez, I'm amusing myself trying to figure out which of my "short" bowlers you're referring to. Don't bother telling me - I enjoy the ambiguity.


You are in Boulder! Wow!

I don't know why that is so exciting to me. I think I have a secret (not anymore) mysterious love of Colorado.

Hope everything is as fun as the bowling.


Oh Heidi, take it from a colorado native it really ain't that exciting at ALLLLLLL!!!! the mountains are the most boring things to look at on the face of the planet. ooooohhhh goody, big, massive piles of rubble for me to stare at, how bloody lovely!

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