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November 20, 2008



oooh, your new blackberry is so pretty. i mean, maybe, if you are a nice girl, santa will bring you a new blackberry.

also? why are you NOT asking for that camera? (oh, i just went and looked at the price, ouch!) what are you shooting with now?


Yeah, that's why I'm not asking for that camera. Really, how can Santa argue with a $2500 difference in price tags? It's my way of ensuring I get the "smaller" item. But shhhh - don't tell my secret.

Currently shooting with a Rebel XT. Mine's off-market now, as the Rebel's been upgraded a few times since the XT. Still, it's a good camera, and serves my purposes at this time.


Very, very subtle. Like a train-wreck.

I think if Marc really loves and appreciates you, he should get you BOTH. But you know, that's just me. :)


ooo...i want both!


I asked for a Dr. Who coffee mug. Not sure they exist, really want one.

Enough about me. I hope you get your shiny new telephone.

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