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November 18, 2008



Jimmy Buffett? Jimmy Buffett, Robyn???

Good thing we are not dating, because this is totally a deal-breaker for me.


A deal breaker? sigh

Ok, now the last time I decided to chime in on Robyn's blog, it was all political and messy, and well, I probably hurt some feelings, so I promised myself I would be nice...r.

But, Heidi, you dis Jimmy, you have to take your medicine.

Can you even name any songs by Jimmy Buffett that you didn't hear from his 'Greatest Hits' album?

Can you even name more than 10 songs of his?

Do you know he has produced over 30 albums in a career that spans almost 30 years?

Did you know that of those 30-some albums he has 8 Gold Albums and 9 Platinum or Multi Platinum Albums?

Judge not yest ye be judged, turtle lover.


Marc - Down, boy. ;)

Heidi, don't sweat it. Many times in the past, people have been startled to find out that no, I'm not as cool as they once thought. They lived through it and still talk to me sometimes. I stopped crying about it years ago... except sometimes on cold, lonely nights.


i'm proud to say that i can only name 2 buffett songs: the margarita one and the cheeseburger one. and those two alone are enough to make me never want to hear anything from him ever again.

plus, "parrothead" sounds like a euphemism for something crude.

however, i do have friends (in real life! actual non-bloggy people!) who love JB. so you and the mrs. go right on with your parrothead selves.

i'll still braid your hair, i just won't come to the show. (although the bar area looked fun...)


Yeah, the cheeseburger one DOES totally suck.

But the bar? Always fun. Always.

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