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November 21, 2008



Wasn't me, I swear!! :)


At least it wasn't a sticker! Still a foul, though.


Too true, Bets.

Kate, if you lived anywhere on the east coast, you'd be my prime suspect. ;)

Which makes me think - Marc brought up the possibility that it could be a joke from someone we know - in which case I wouldn't be peeved because then there would at least be some meaning and hey, I love a good, non-harmful joke. We have gotten into some heated debates with dear friends over our newfangled crazy liberal ways. All good, you know - I think I've made it clear here I love a good debate.

What I'm trying to say is - if you know me and the magnet was just a little joke, that finger wasn't for you.


I wish I was a Total Farker so I could submit this little gem to Fark.



I LOVE this. I also love the graphic. In fact, it's possibly the one magnet I'd love to put on my car!



For some reason, my comment didn't go thru, and now I'm sure it will, and I'll look like one of those stalker commenters or something...sigh.

Anyway. Great post. And great magnet. In fact, I could use one of them for my car. Heh.


See? Dammit!

I'm leaving now. F'real.


Hey, stalker, don't go!

Or, at least, make sure and come back! You stalker, you.

(Thanks for the kind words, wordstalker and Imez!)

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