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November 07, 2008



You just can't escape from monkeys, can you Robyn? Love the angle of these photos, pretty cute. They'll admonish you for it one day.



Bets, you're SO right. Those monkeys we always talked about have found me. And I guess I'm lucky they did!


Iz reedin ur blog, luvin ur munkeez.

So, so cute. Love the pics, esp your LOLmonkeez one. They look so happy to be spilling your shampoo.

My monkeys only have a bathtub to infest. They dream of shower infestation (and I dream of Fekkai!)


Oh, bathtubs rock. Bathtub infestation is the ultimate goal around here.

The key to having Fekkai? Supplement with Pert Plus and Herbal Essences, as you can clearly see that I do. (The Head and Shoulders is totally Marc's - lest anyone get the wrong idea!)

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