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October 21, 2008



Happy Birthday, smart-ass husband!! :)


What? Another phoolish birthday? Happy Birthday, Marc. LYMI


Reading abotu Marc's bday dinner is making my tummy grumble. Happy birthday, dude!

Plus, what a tiny baby! Oh! So cute.

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I promised a cool story about the cover model for the new goose girl paperback...but it fell through. There's a wonderful young actress who was a fan of the book from years ago. Her mother and I were in contact and she was going to pose for the cover. Unfortunately, the publishing and Hollywood are such different beasts, we couldn't find a contract that would work for both sides. Alas. Her name is Brie Larson and she is such a darling to have been willing, but I totally understand why it didn't work out for both sides. An actress needs some control of her image and how its used, and a publisher needs complete control of the image so they can reprint at will and promote the book.

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