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August 19, 2008



Yeah, Tuesday pictures!!

Penguin Bottle Opener..looks like sandwhichs were made also.. a book was read. Miracle Whip..YUM.. and a cabbage patch doll. What is in your friends boob, looks like the one guy is squeezing mustard in her clevage??


Yes, obviously we were very busy. I think it's a noodle in my friend's cleavage, but I can't say for sure. And I don't see any noodles in the picture.

Ok, I just checked again, closer this time. It's mustard. We were extraordinarily creative.


Ahhh.. memories of the infamous wedding weekend in CO. :) Makes an old phool smile just to think about it. If I remember correctly, this photo was taken right when we all first arrived and were hanging out in your folks' kitchen. The real debauchery didn't start until slightly later that night. Something about an elevator and a race?

Jenny, Bloggess

Damn. I don't have enough pictures of myself with stuff sticking out of me boobs.

Although really? Can there ever be enough?


Duke - you remember correctly. Your poor date will never look at an elevator the same way again, will she?

Jenny - Nope, there can never be enough. I have many more, but few are fit for public viewing. Scandalous! Also, welcome!


Did John have a date at your wedding? Why don't I remember that?

And this was the night I missed. :-(


Um, John, help me out? You did, didn't you? I remember her distaste at elevator races. At least I think I do.

And missed you were, Bets.


Yes, I did have a date at the Satanic ritual wedding. Beth wasn't ready for elevator races, but we had a good time and have remained good friends. (I met her at Whit & Dani's wedding party in Beaufort.)

The world can never have enough photos of women with mustard in their cleavage. trust me. I have plenty. The vault is full of such photos. You'll have to trust me, cuz no one else is allowed to see what'sin the vault. (Robyn knows what is there and can attest that it is definitely NSFW!)

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