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June 17, 2008



OK the dinner sounds awesome.. and I love the Thomas and friends pictures on the wall.

I love getting dirty in the yard..then just hose yourself off.

I don't always blog exciting stuff..and believe me it's not usually witty.


Wow. I want to sleep with that book under my pillow and I hardly even know you. THAT IS THE COOLEST THING EVER!!! No, really, it's gorgeous. Is it hard? Now I wanna do one for my mom's birthday.

And that gnocchi sounds sooooo yummy. I bow down to you.


Thanks, guys! The book was not hard, but it took a few days to put together. LOTS of photo uploading - I think I used around 200 photos, give or take 10.

Yes, I know that gnocchi sounds yummy, but do not be deceived, as we were. The sausage ruined it, I believe. It couldn't stick together, and ended up lumpy and mushy. I honestly don't see how Emeril made it work. Maybe he pureed the sausage? I followed the instructions, I swear, but I think a fork maybe wasn't the right tool for sausage mashing. Anyway, I'm not even sure it's worth trying again.

But that spicy tomato sauce? EXCELLENT. And super easy. Took 10 minutes. Make it for pasta, and whoever you serve it to will be your eternal slave.

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